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Why do you need cheat views on YouTube

2020-03-31 01:22:51
Why do you need cheat views on YouTube

Among the many popular social networking, YouTube remains one of the most popular and recognizable. Daily on the platform uploaded videos in various topic areas and look through them more than 450 million people. Such a big audience gives everyone the opportunity to become popular, if you invest a lot of time and effort.

Despite such a high conversion YouTube service, it is not so easy to attract the target audience that will help in the future to make money and become popular. So many beginners and experienced bloggers who are turning to service cheat views YouTube.

What is the cheat hits YouTube

Get subscribers for youtube is an opportunity to raise the video in the top and bring in a recommendation, while not having enough subscribers on the channel. Using bots to cheat, your video will become visible to real users YouTube, and this, in turn, will enable you to attract potential customers and to advertise your business.

This method of development is suitable for virtually everyone: entrepreneurs, bloggers, producers of goods or simply talented people who have something to show and tell. Of course, only one cheat is enough, the video should be interesting and useful to the General public. Therefore, you should devote a lot of time to work through the material to come up with his original flow and only then proceed to promotion.

Cheating methods

There are a number of ways in a short period of time to increase the number of views. The free methods involve linking to other social networks or sites, at the request of friends about viewing or trying to cheat manually, through constant updates of the browser. Such manipulations are ineffective, and in the last you can get banned.

Much better to keep the cheat with the help of specialized services. You pay real people for the views, and the system monitors their number to your channel was not blocked. This method is not financially very expensive, but helps to safely and quickly roll out the account.

Is it possible to make money on views?

Promotional material on YouTube can potentially become a very good source of income, in case of successful promotion of the channel. Funds are awarded for viewing advertising that is included before you start and the time of the video.

If your channel is popular enough, you can enter into a contract with the advertiser. The money you will receive for each user who viewed the advertising video to the end, and in some cases for the transition. On average, about 1-2% of the audience perform the necessary actions. Thus, to get a good income, grow your subscriber base.

Typing more than 10-15 thousand subscribers, you will have the opportunity to promote brands, companies or their services. For this you will only need to say a few words during the movie, maybe wear a t-shirt with the symbols or perform any other actions agreed with the customer. Such advertising allows you to earn a lot more money. Moreover, YouTube will not be able to take a percentage of the profits yourself.

The main factors influencing the income

The channel began to give minimum profit, his videos should get at least 4,000 hits. In order to become attractive to advertisers, the number of subscribers should be brought to the level of 300. Also, your channel must have at least 10 rollers, of course with quality content.

Another important factor is the age. Persons under the age of 14 years are prohibited to work with YouTube. The exception is permission of the parents.

YouTube is loyal to newcomers, and therefore you could relatively quickly achieve the desired numbers, if you will give original and interesting content.

How to make a YouTube channel to views

To gain views, you need to create attractive for the General public home page. Making your account in YouTube, please pay attention to the following parameters:

  • Avatar — the icon should contain the corporate style reflect the theme and be easy to remember. You should use the avatar of high quality to look good in large format.
  • The background image in the header of the channel is a background image, which has dimensions of 2560×1440. As in the case of the icon, the cover should clearly speak about the topic, you can also insert a short phrase.
  • Description channel — the channel owner is given 1000 characters to tell visitors why they must click "subscribe".
  • Links to profiles in other social networks — the links in the header of the profile allows to increase the involvement of users on multiple resources.

When you are finished with registration, you should start developing a content plan. Here you specify which videos will you produce, how often and what task you put in front of them. You can split them into groups: entertainment, educational, informational, etc.

One of the most important stages of processing is the creation of the trailer, that is the video that will automatically start when switching on the start page. This is a great option to engage the user by showing interesting content.

Put a sufficient number of rollers per channel, should pay attention to the playlists. Group them by categories to make it easier for users to find their videos.

To videos better ranked, they should also be able to properly execute. Think of a catchy title, make a proper description that will understand the video. Don't forget to add links to interesting resources and playlists, and add hashtags.


Cheat views on YouTube is vital for young channels. In combination with useful content, you will be able to become popular and start to profit from a business that is fun.

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